About Me


I am a professional writer, currently working in a freelance capacity as an arts journalist, speech and policy writer, publicist and copywriter.


A qualified teacher, I spent many years teaching writing and creative skills to secondary school students before I decided to put my money where my mouth (and white board marker) was and start writing for a living.


Now, rather than impart those skills to students, I use them to write content, press releases, speeches, articles, bios, resumes, SEO and copy for clients like Adelaide Festival, the Honourable Tammy Franks MLC, Lucy Cornes (SheShopped and Cornes and Sloan), Blitz Marketing, CBB, iSA radio, Mary’s Poppin night club, authors, musicians, theatre companies, not for profits and anyone looking for quality writing.


 As a qualified journalist, I have written for The Advertiser, BSide Magazine, Inside South Australia, The Weekender Herald, UniLife, On The Record and my own website, The Upside News.


For more information, email libby@expressionsadelaide.com

You can also follow me on twitter: @UpsideNews_Lib

My media experience is listed in the posts below.